13 Ways To Re-Activate Your Natural Impulse System And Become A Mentally Strong Human Being

There is nothing wrong with you at the moment other than the stuff you are telling yourself to make you feel like you are broken. It’s not your fault you are currently this way, it is the way the world currently has become easy, comfortable and convenient that makes our thinking and logic week.

The good news is in this blog post I am going to share 13 ways you can re-activate your natural impulse system and become a mentally strong human being.

Enjoy time by yourself

Be comfortable with yourself helps you become mentally strong. Think about it. How can you possibly be of any use to another human if you have not got your own head in order. Time alone allows you to unwind, recharge and reconnect with yourself. Alone time is good and makes you better when in the company of others!

Learn from your past

Sh*t happens to everyone. You can either let it hold you back or take some time to learn from mistakes you have made or bad events. What would you differently if you were in that situation again? What does it tell you about yourself? What is the actual strength and positive outcome of whatever experience you went through?

Accept you are not entitled to anything

The world owes you nothing. You have been born at whatever your own starting line was in life. You have been given the opportunity to live so live! Yes other people had a headstart on your BUT other people did not. Its irrelevant. Either get on the train or don’t get on the train, just never stand still on the tracks waiting for something to come to you…you will only be disappointed if you do!

Results take time

Overnight successes don’t really happen. There is normally years of toil, stress and failure or exception amounts of training before success happens. So accept it is a journey. Ask yourself each time did that result move me forwards or did I learn a new way to go backwards that I can do something about. Celebrate each step on the journey to the final destination embracing both the ups and the downs that happen in life.

Stop trying to please other people

Why be so keen to please other people at the expense of your own happiness. Be happy yourself first spending your time how you want to spend it. You only get one life and time goes quickly so don’t waste it on things you don’t want to do. Focus on what you want, be happy and as a result you will be a much better resource to the people around and may also meet people who are more likely to be more what you actually want in life.

Never feel sorry for yourself

We are all human and have down moments and feel sorry for ourselves. The trick is to put a clock on it. Accept you need a window to vent frustrations and blow off steam. Get it out the system as quickly as possible and move on. Take a new action to activate yourself again in a motivated direction.

If it’s out of your control, accept it

Don’t waste time and effort on something that you cannot control. I didn’t vote for Brexit and I didn’t vote for Jeremy Corbyn yet I had to suffer endless media nonsense about both. I could let it wind me up but I don’t I accept whatever will be will be and those ready to take the opportunities that arise during a period of change will ultimate be happier.

Control your emotions yourself

There is a big difference between responding and reacting. Reacting on emotions rarely will get you want you want. If you are feeling the rage, take 5, let the steam off and think of a constructive response instead of a confrontational reaction

Celebrate other people’s successes

If someone else does a good job or gets something done, tell them well done. Don’t be bitter or jealous, join in the celebration of success. Karma is real. Do good things to other people and good things will come back to you. Be an arse to people and expect a big pile of poop coming your way. Treat other people who you want to be treated regardless of how they actually treat you. Value your own opinion over anyone else’s.

Always take responsibility

The quickest way to fix a problem is to accept the problem was your fault. This way your brain will give you a solution because it was your action that created the problem in the first place. Denying responsibility and passing the blame makes it really difficult to control a situation as you are relying on someone or something else to take the next action to improve the situation

Learn from failure and keep going

There is no such thing as failure, only feedback. I learned this from my NLP training. It has served me well over the last decade to believe in this point. I used to be very indecisive and fear taking a new action incase I messed up. As a result my life wasn’t going anywhere except building massive levels of frustration seeing everyone else around me happy whilst I bottled up resentment. I changed in 2008 and so did my life very quickly. Just fucking do it!

Take calculated risks

Once you get in the habit of taking action you will reconnect with your natural intuition. You gut instinct becomes sharper on whether a risk is worth taking. Don’t ever do stupid stuff that is very obviously a stupid risk. Do, however, learn what a calculated risk is and just take the action, accept the result might not be perfect but it will be a result that moves you forwards, not leaving you standing still


So there you have 13 ways to reactivate your brain and become mentally strong. Nothing here is rocket science and we all can easily get the wisdom we need. Know is power after all…well not quite actually. Knowledge is only power when action is taken. Its not good knowing all the answers but not doing anything with it!


Please leave a comment if you have felt any inspiration from reading this blog. Love to hear from people and any light bulb moments you get!

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