52 Ways To Take Control Of Your Life

People think too much.

When you overthink something you make the size of task more of a challenge and start comprehending all the possible things that could go wrong due to how our human brains are wired. You need to bypass this by just taking action.

Don’t even think about it, just do it!

Below are 52 actions you can take right now that will help you take control of your life.

Go for it, pick one at random and just take action on it without thinking:

  1. Pick something positive you want to focus on in life and enjoy the feelings
  2. List three characteristics you would like other people to say about you.
  3. Phone someone up and tell them you appreciate them being in your life.
  4. Identify any assumptions you make about the next stranger that walks past.
  5. Tell the story of the most exciting thing that ever happened to you.
  6. Name 3 like-minded people to support you in what you want to do with your life.
  7. List your top three accomplishments in life
  8. Make all your decisions today within three seconds.
  9. Set yourself a task that you can do today that excites you.
  10. Do something today that you would not normally do.
  11. Identify what you learnt from the biggest mistake you made in your life.
  12. List 3 things you enjoy doing spend more time doing them no matter what.
  13. Describe a material object in really specific detail that you want.
  14. Out of 10, how confident do you feel about yourself right now?
  15. List three characteristics your role model has that appeals to you
  16. List three words that make your feel good when you say them.
  17. Make a compilation CD of your favourite songs that make you feel good when you hear them.
  18. For a couple of hours walk, talk and smile as if you have unshakeable confidence in yourself.
  19. List three reasons why people love you just the way you are
  20. Refer to yourself using “I” when talking.
  21. Spent time grooming and dress up so you feel good today.
  22. Practice telling people about your exciting special skill unique to you.
  23. Admit one lie you tell yourself regularly.
  24. Describe a pattern of behaviour you currently do and would like to change.
  25. Go out and do something that scares you.
  26. Do something that deliberately make you feel embarrassed.
  27. List three people in your life that make you feel bad.
  28. Make as many people smile today as you can.
  29. Count how many times today you stop an idea of your own or someone else.
  30. Identify three people you look to when trying to make a decision.
  31. Practice saying your name out loud in your proudest voice.
  32. Set a mission statement to live today by.
  33. Make a diary to track your thoughts and moods throughout today
  34. Take 15 minutes out to just sit alone in absolute silence.
  35. Go and do something nice for someone without a reason.
  36. Look in the mirror and tell yourself three things you love about being you.
  37. Randomly pay someone a compliment.
  38. Find out the answer to a question that is currently bothering you.
  39. Organise your money so you only spend what you can afford.
  40. If you owe any money, work out how to pay it off as quickly as you can.
  41. Do something vigorous for over 15 minutes that leaves you out of breath.
  42. Stick pictures of things you want of life in a scrap book.
  43. Remember to wish all your friends and family happy birthday.
  44. List 5 things you want to get done today, and then tick them all off.
  45. Give everything in your house a proper place to live.
  46. Do not listen, watch or read to any news today in any way.
  47. Learn to tell a joke that makes people laugh every time.
  48. Bribe yourself with a nice treat when you complete a difficult task today.
  49. Spend 10 minutes dreaming about how your ideal life would be in 3 years time.
  50. Before you go to bed tonight, pat yourself on the back about three things you did well
  51. Phone up a friend you have not spoke to in a while just to catch up.
  52. Just let rip and have a rant out loud about everything that is on your mind

Please leave me a comment on what action you took and what you discovered about yourself as a result.

Anyone can do this and get more confidence in life so why not you?

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