Be A Boss When Handling The Objection

A confidence stance is very important when selling. The relationship and emotional response to you personally will help you close or blow a deal. Now here is the kicker, prospects like to be challenged. If you can confidently stand up for demonstrating a high level of belief in yourself, the product and the company you are more likely to close a deal.

I cannot tell you how many sales reps I have had to pull up in my career about defending a product in an excuse making way instead of just confidently saying “No, we don’t offer than”.

For example, if you are payment methods are BACS or Credit Card, be clear that is the payment method. Don’t make excuses for not taking a Direct Debit or Cheque. If you don’t offer it as a payment method the conversation about it ends there. Instead focus the client back on how they can do a bank transfer or get a credit card. Doesn’t matter how long you discuss anything else, the situation doesn’t change.

Another example, the prospect is demanding more added value for example a marketing package and is demanded the package includes Facebook promotion. If Facebook promotion is not on offer, shoot it down, don’t discuss it, just say confident, we don’t offer that.

Make sense? Keep control of the sales conversation with confidence. Believe in yourself, the company and the product and focus on what can be offered as solution, avoiding wasting time defending a position you cannot defend.

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