Discover Five Simple Steps That Will Obliterate Your Fear Of Selling Quickly, Easily And Forever

When I hear excuses such as “I tried calling them twice already”, “I don’t want to seem too pushy or “I’m too busy looking after current clients to worry about business development” I know straight away that this sales person either doesn’t believe what they are selling, or they don’t understand the true value to their customers, of what they are selling.

One of the biggest frustrations for me is seeing sales professionals with amazing desire fail to succeed, just because they have a fear of getting out there and telling the world about what they have to offer.

Instead of getting out there and sharing what you have with the world, you are probably avoiding what you really need to do to make sales but you still do because it gives you an excuse to not get out there and start selling.

It is crazy!

Stop wasting time hiding behind these excuses. All you need to start making some sales is yourself!

When you know exactly the value of what you offer, and how it helps your customers, you will have no confidence problems at selling. You will be confident enough to talk to anyone about what you do because you believe in what you are selling.

In fact you would believe it so much you would argue with people to the death because you know what you are offering is the best solution for your ideal customers

You will know full well what your customers are looking for and how you can help them! You are the expert on them!

It is time to stop making excuses and surrendering the success of your ideas and your business to fear.

I am going to share with you a way that you can OBLITERATE your fear of selling.

I am going to turn you into a super confident, proud and determined sales person, who has no problem with selling.

And I am going to show you how you can enjoy doing it as well.

It all comes down to having the confidence in what words will come out of your mouth when pitching your offer.

And the way to get confident at this is simple

  • Get out there and learn from real life experience of dealing with your ideal customers
  • Research, practise and refine what you are selling and how you will pitch it

You have to be flexible in your approach, accept you are not going to please everyone and be willing to make changes when they are needed.

You cannot keep flogging a dead horse.

What you think is a good idea might not be want your customers think is a good idea.

So where do I begin to do all this Jon I hear you say….well I have a special treat for you now.

I am a big fan of NLP and one key behaviour of NLP is Modelling and in particular, Modelling Success.

I have been working in sales since the late nineties. I have personally signed up over $300million of deals in that time across the various companies I have worked for.

I have sold alcohol, car paint, electricity and travel marketing solutions….and I have sold a lot of all of them….to an award winning level.

And recently, working with a good NLP friend of mine, I modelled my approach to selling, and I am going to share this with you right now…

What this approach does is simple…

…Instead of being all nervous and full of word salad or shyness when making that initial contact, pitching, or asking for the order…you can do it all with unstoppable confidence and the full belief that doing business with you is the best decision anyone can make.

Now how does that sounds?

I want to OBLITERATE your fear of selling for you!

Ready? Here we go!

Step 1 – Self-Branded Identity

As a sales person, you are giving people a free passport to judge you personally. It is your name that is going to be associated with any brand you create.

You could worry and fight it but it is a lot of huff and puff that ultimately won’t lead you anywhere.

You are just wasting energy.

You are going to get labelled through the actions you take. Accept it!

You do not have to leave this label to chance however. You can choose your label then become the living embodiment of it. As Zig Ziglar once said, “If you are going to sell Ford cars, then make sure you drive a Ford car yourself

This label is your Self-Branded Identity.

You want people to recognise you as the expert at what you do.

Let me give you some examples of what I mean by looking at the labels I have had during my sales career.

When I worked in Energy Sales my Self-Branded identity was follows, “I help business owners who spend more than £50K a year on their energy bills to reduce their costs by up to 30%

When I worked as an Energy Consultant my Self-Branded identity was followed, “I help companies with energy spend of over £250K to ensure they met the requirements of the Carbon Reduction Scheme”.

And right now I am a Sales Coach and a Self-Branded identity for one market is “I help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to demolish their fear of selling

Can you see the trend I am following here?

On each Self-Branded Identity I have clearly named the person I help and then given a clear way in which I help them.

I have given myself a clear label of who I help, and how.

By doing this you are giving yourself the status of an expert at something instead of someone who is trying to help everyone.

If I tried to coach everyone on sales my expertise is watered down and I cannot charge the fees I do by being an expert.

Being a Sales Coach I have two possible clear markets of people I identified who needs my help. I could chose Sales Professionals or Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

I chose Entrepreneurs and Business Owners because I have experience of this market. I knew that this market had a problem about being scared of sales because more Entrepreneurs and Business Owners are not sales people by choice.

My expertise is perfect for helping this market.

I could have chosen Sales Professionals for this topic but to be honest, someone who works in Sales already is unlikely to have problems to do with fear. This market is more likely to have a problem are about converting more leads to sales.

In that case my Self-Branded identity would be different. It would be “I help sales professionals to double their sales by closing more business.

I cannot tell you how important it is to give yourself this label.

Imagine I was being introduced on Stage to do a presentation at an event aimed at Small Business Owners and the host stated, “Here is Jon Daniels, he is a Sales Coach

It is not going to catch the attention of many people. If anything it will catch the attention of fellow coaches who are keen to see how another coach is getting on.

Now if the host said “Here is Jon Daniels, he helps Sales Professionals to double their sales by closing more business” the audience are more likely to make a decision of how relevant I am to them.

Given this is an event aimed at small business owners the fact I help sales professionals will turn them off. Some of them will tune in because of the double your sales element about closing more business.

But the best introduction for me at an event aimed at Small business owners is “Here is Jon Daniels, he helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to overcome their fear of selling

Is that more likely to catch the attention of the people in attendance?

Of course it will!

Any business owner who has a fear of selling is going to want to hear what I have to say.


Take a few minutes to write down who is the person you help and how you help them.

Here is a good clue, imagine your best friend was about to introduce you to a red hot prospect who has never come across you before. Your best friends says…

“[Your Name] helps [Specific Type Of Person] to [Achieve Specific Result]”

Step 2 – Sales Person Mantra

Ok, so now you have your Self-Branded Identity I’m sure the world you are now facing makes a little bit more sense

It is clear for you about which type of person to focus on prospecting for, and you are now clear on how you can specifically help.

But you don’t need to just know you can help them, you have to have to passionately live your life as if doing business with you is best decision anyone can make.

Your mindset is one of the most important parts of the sales process.

You are framing any interaction you have before it happens.

If you don’t believe you will get a deal, you brain will do its best to make sure you don’t get the deal.

Now who is going to be attracted to someone who doesn’t fully believe in what they are doing?


Confidence and passion are attractive qualities so you must be congruent with your Self-Branded identity and really live your brand!

You have to be your biggest fan.

If you cannot shout your own praise you can guarantee no one else will do it for you.

So this is the second step of being a sales boss. I want you to come up with a Mantra that centres and focuses you with a solid foundation.

I want you to come up with this affirmation that is focusing beacon for you.

Let me share mine with you…

“Doing business with me is the best decision anyone can make”

This might sound a bit cocky or arrogant but this is only the step is sales where it is 100% about you.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

This mantra is designed specifically for me.

It is a sentence that gives me a feeling of unstoppable confidence in myself when I helping entrepreneurs or business owners to overcome their fear of selling.

I use this mantra to get me focus and psyched up ready for an appointment, a phone call, or even a coaching session.

It centres me and allows me to focus on help my customer.

If a meeting gets tough and I find myself going off direction, I can stop and correct myself.

I can go “I’m Jon Daniels, I help entrepreneurs and business owners to overcome their fear of selling and doing business with me is the best decision anyone can make

By stepping back and refocusing, I remind myself who I am and what I do, and why I am so good at it.

I have a solid foundation to build my business from.


So it is time to pick your very own Sales Person Mantra. Pick a nice one sentence that rolls off your tongue. It needs to get your focus and excited about your Self-Branded Identity.

If you cannot think of one, try using mine and then amending it until it feels right for you.

Remember, your Mantra is about you. There is no wrong answer, it just needs to be something that works for you to get you focus and centred.

Step 3 – Body Of Evidence

Now I said earlier in this report that taking action and experience is the best way to get good at selling.

The reasons I say this is because experience first gives you stories to share in future pitches about how you helped other customers, and secondly because it allows you to find out all the objections people have to what you are selling.

You can them amend your pitch to cover these off in advance and even tweak what you are selling to get that perfect fit to the customers requirements.

You need your war stories.

You need that personal evidence from your own career, and even your own life, to share with your customers that prove you are the expert at what you do.

If you know something first hand you are going to be very confident about it. If you come across as confident, remember that is an attractive quality.

The other good thing about stories is they lower the guard of your prospects.

By human nature, everybody loves listening to stories, it sends them into some sort of trance so you can start hypnotically get your message across to them.

That sounds kind of evil and scheming, but as long as what you are selling really is genuinely adding value to your customer then doing business with you is a good thing.


Now the interesting thing here is if I asked you to tell me about your fear of selling I’m sure you could reel of lots of stories to me about how rubbish you are at selling.

Your mindset is wrong because you are feeding it the wrong information. You need positive stories, not negative ones!

So what I want you to do now is to recall your best sales experience you have had to date in your career.

No matter how big or small just take a few moments to jot down the story of exactly what you did in this experience. Think about what it taught you about yourself. Think about what you learn about yourself from it.

Do not skip this step, it is really important. Work out your story then phone your best friend and tell them about it. Really, I mean it, do this exercise!

Step 4 – Voice Of The Customer

Ok steps one to four have been pretty much about you and working out what you are going to sell, how you are positioning yourself, and how to be seen as the confident proven expert at it.

But now is the magic step that will really boost your sales performance.

And this works for every single possible service or product out there in the world. No excuses.

To sell something you just have to follow a simple formula.

  • Find out what people want
  • Go get it for them
  • Make them an offer they cannot refuse

So many entrepreneurs and business owners have these great ideas that never make it to market.

Not completing steps one to three is only part of a reason for failure. If you don’t do these steps then you don’t really know what it is you are selling.

But step 4 is vital to success. It is actually doing your research to find out if anybody wants to buy what you are selling.

If there are no buyers, then you will not make any money trying to sell it.

If your idea doesn’t solve any problems that people are having, then you will not sell anything.

There must be a hungry market there ready to buy.

You have to understand what customers want.

One such example I can share with you is about Umbrellas.

I was giving a presentation to a group of small business owners earlier this year.

When talking about Voice of The Customer one gentleman stood up and said he sold Eco Friendly Umbrellas.

He was really passionate about his product. He really liked it and how it was sourced from 100% recyclable material.

I then did a quick survey and asked the room how important it was to have an umbrella make from 100% recycled material.

Not a single hand went up.

People thought it was a nice idea, but it didn’t solve a problem that was significant or important to anyone so no-one was going to part with any money on this product because it was Eco Friendly.

I then noticed a very smartly dress woman in the front row. She had a crisp clean new haircut and was wearing her power suit. Appearance was obviously very important to her.

I pointed out to her that it was really raining heavily outside now.

I told her that her hair, make up and suit will get ruined when she walks back to her tube station at the end of the presentation.

She looked concerned.

I asked her if she would like a solution to this problem. So that her hair, make up and suit didn’t get ruined.

She said “oh yes please

I pointed to the gentleman who sold the Eco Umbrellas….


I want you to get out there and do some research. Find out if there is a market for what you want to sell. Use the Internet, speak to the type of people you want to help and find out exactly want they want.

For example, I use to say “Hi I am Jon, I am a sales coach who coaches you in confidence building techniques for selling

After my research I identified the two markets I mentioned earlier, Sales Professionals or Entrepreneurs and business owners. Research shows both markets had different needs, one wanted to convert more leads to sales, the other wanted to overcome their fear of selling.

With this knowledge I was able to really sharpen my marketing messages through steps 1 to 3 of this five step process.

So now go do some research on your market and look for those specific problem phrases they use that you can help them with.


Step 5 – The Power Pitch

By this point you are now in a position to be the Sales-Boss, but only as long as you have stepped up and completed all the actions points in this report!

With a clear direction of who you help and how you help them, a high level of confidence and passion about what you are selling, a whole swipe file of evidence to support your claims and you now understand the type of language your customer uses, putting together the final step really ties this all together for you.

Steps 1 to 4 are all about getting what you are selling aligned in your head so you can confidently discuss what you do with anyone.

These steps allow you to walk into a room with the assumed confidence that everyone knows you are the expert at what you do.

Your mindset is sorted.

Step 5 is all about putting everything together so you have a rehearsed format to present to your customers.

You need to rehearse, present and tweak what you say to customers until you find that magic combination of words that triggers your customer’s hot buttons.

I can this, “The Power Pitch”.

On the next page is my short Power Pitch that I use when introducing myself to people. Read through it and then I will break it down into the various steps for you to copy.

Check it out…

 “Hi I am Jon Daniels. I help entrepreneurs and business owners to overcome their fear of selling.

When I first set up my own business I was scared of selling my products and services.

I didn’t really know what I was trying to sell and I didn’t know whom I was trying to sell it to.

My confidence was low, as no-one wanted to listen to me; and if anyone did, I would go bright red and just spout a lot of ego based mumbo jumbo at them.

Things got really bad for me as I didn’t get any customers. I had no money to pay the bills. I was stressing out about how to but the mortgage next month.

 I decided was enough was enough and did something about it.

 Within a short space of time I had position myself as an expert in my market and was attracting my perfect clients on a daily basis.

 I understand that doing business with me was the best decision anyone could make, as I knew exactly where I was added (?) value to my client base.

 And best of all, I know had a steady pipeline of targeted leads that I could generate a healthy cash flow from each month.

 If you want to find out the same strategies and techniques I used to overcome my fear of selling please visit my website, to get a free 20 page report called “How To Be Confident At Selling In 5 Proven Steps”

 Now this is my Power Pitch than is embedded in my brain.

I didn’t get this right first time.

I had to get out there and practise it. I had to tweak it and when I got feedback and I had to research my market to find out what exactly what they wanted.

Let me break the Power Pitch down for you…

Step 1: Open by letting your audience know they are in the right place

You open with your Self Branded Identity. You want to get the attention of your target market as quickly as possible.

People have short attention spans so you need to engage with them straight off the bat.

You want them to feel like they have just found the answer to their prayers when they hear your opener.

Let them know they are in the right place by listening to you.

Step 2: Get rapport by showing you were once where they are right now

The next step is to show your target market that you understand how they feel right now.

You need to show them that you were once in their shoes and know exactly what they are going through.

You know their pains, fears and frustrations.

You know their everyday reality caused by the problem you are able to help them solve.

You need to meet them at their map of the world.

You need to meet the voices that are going on in their head and start having a conversation with them.

As Dr Robert Cialdini says in his excellent book “Principles of Influence”, people like people that are similar to them, it helps let your prospect know, like, and then trust you.

Remember in sales, once you have the trust of your prospect, then you are in a position to do a deal.

Step 3: Build interest by telling them where they could be

After you have engaged and built trust with your prospect, the next step is to show them the results they could have by buying what you are selling.

Use you experience to say what reality is for you now, having once been where they are right now.

Get them excited by how good their future will be by buying from you.

The most important thing here is to be honest and truthful. Never, ever sell something you cannot deliver and fulfil.

Be 100% true to yourself, or it will only come back to bite you on the bum later on. Trust me, I learnt this the hard way when I was so desperate to make a sale I over committed what was possible, and was left with no choice but to refund the customer after putting in many hours work.

Step 4: Tell them what to do next

The final step is to make sure that your prospect knows exactly what action to take next.

Make it easy for them. Be very clear and concise on what you want them to do next in order to progress down your sales funnel.

If you are making a cold call, your focus should be to get an appointment. Not send brochures, not arrange a call-back, you want the appointment, so ask for one.

If you are at an appointment and want to close the deal, simply ask the customer if they have any reservations about doing a deal. If they say “Yes” then answer the queries. If they say “No” then ask for the order.

In the case of my Power Pitch, my simple call to action is to get visitors to sign up on my website for a free report.

This is the top of my sales funnel and anyone who signs up is already qualifying themselves to me as a good prospect to follow up with.


So grab a bit of pen and paper, grab a microphone and get practising your Power Pitch.

There are no wrong or right answers on this.

It is just a case of rehearsing what you are going to say so you get the right type of people to qualify themselves to you as interested leads.

And There You Have it!

You now have all five steps of this confidence for selling system.

You know you need to establish an identity that makes you stand out as an expert in a crowd.

You know you need to be confident and passionate about what you are selling.

You know you need your war stories as evidence and proof of your expert status.

You know you need to understand the exact needs and wants of your market.

And finally you know you need to have a rehearsed Power Pitch that ties it all together.

Anyone can do this, in any market now matter what business you are in.

I have tried and tested this system hundreds of times.

It works. FACT!

It will not only obliterate you fear of sales, it will help you start to really enjoy getting out there and telling the world about what you do!

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