Selling With Jon Show Episode 03

In this Show I look at motivation sharing some of my top personal development secrets I have discovered over the course of my sales career than have helped me grow as a sales professional.

I look at the importance of selling the steak and not just the sizzle. Bad sales people over promise and under deliver. As a top sales person you need to get clear on what factual results you will actually deliver if someone chooses to do business with you.

I talk about not needing approval of others to do what you want whilst respect laws and ethics of course. Karma plays a bit part in your life whether you like it or not. Good things happen to good people, bad things happen to bad people.

I share two great coaching questions that pretty much cover any coaching session you do. Answer them both properly and you will have a greater chance of actually getting what you want from your life.

I tell you a story about how I chose a “confusion” strategy to win a tournament in my youth when my team was a major underdog. Picking the right game plan will help you have more success every time regardless of the playing field.

I talk about what true choice in real life is. Step out from the usual crowd who think choice is actually a problem or a dilemma.

Play a cheeky little game that will help embed a positive nature into your natural thinking. The positivity in your life, the more enjoyable the journey to where ever you are going becomes!

And finally I give you a great closing code from Gandhi about how you see yourself, and put yourself into the position of a leader to get what you want.

All these great tips along with the usual 15 Second Sales Tips and another cameo from the loveable Hypnocat sharing his NLP sills and a few other random treats to make you smile.

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