Seven Self-Confidence Tips To Take Control Of Your Life

Here are seven top tips that WILL help you build your self-confidence and take control of your life!

Confidence Tip 1: Set A Compelling Vision For The Future

There is nothing worse than waking up everyday, to just run through the same monotonous  tasks,  working  all  day  to  come  home  and  just  sit  in  front  of  the television,then going to bed before repeating the same cycle each day.You need to decide what it is YOUwant to do with your life. You need to know what it is that gets you excited to the point that you almost jump out of bed in anticipation of the what the day ahead will bring for you.So what are you looking forward to, with excitement, in your life right now?

Confidence Tip 2: Focus On The Sunny Side Of Life

I believe that you attract in life whatever itis you are focusing on. If your initial reaction  is  to  be  negative  about  whatever  comes  up  in  your  life  then  you should not be surprised that your life is not turning out to be as great as you want it to be.You need to start ensure that your initial reaction to whatever comes up each day  is  a  positive  one.  Embrace  everything  and  start  focusing  on  the  sunny side of life. For  the  next  24  hours,  ban  negativity  from  your  life  and  come  up  with  a positive response to all situations.

Confidence Tip 3: Set Yourself Up For Success 

Each Day half the battle in successful achieving whatever you want in life is maintaining focus and being consistent in your behavior. I am a realist; I know some days I just do not feel like jumping out of bed in excitement. I am not some happy clappy idiot after all.There  are  many  wonderful  distractions,  however,  in  your  life  and  many wonderful people who will try to ensure that it is ok for you to not achieve your dreams. It is important you recognize when these distractions come up so you can defend yourself from them.I  want  you  to  decide  three  actions  you  can  take  to  form  a  daily  morning routine  that  ensures  you  are  focused  on  Vision  and  set  the  right  context  for you day before anyone has the chance to distract you.

Confidence Tip 4: The Secret Of Momentum

Has you ever experienced a broken down car that needs a jump start? If so I am  sure  you  noticed  that  it  took  at  look  of  intial effort  to  get  the  car  moving when pushing it, BUT once it was moving not some much power was needed to keep the car going. That is the secret of momentum.It is so important to ensure you never stand still in relation to your Vision. No matter how small the action is, just make sure you get off your bum and make it happen. Never ever stop until you have completed a task.

you are right now, I want you to get up and take an action towards achieving your Vision, no matter how big or small, just go do something.

Confidence Tip 5: The Two Second Rule

When  you  lack  confidence  I  know  how  hard  it  is  to make  decisions.  You  just do not know what to do and you do not have the trust in yourself that you are right. So you delay making the decision.The  more  you  delay  decision  the  more  you  let  the  voices  in  your  head  take over and convince you of all the bad things the could happen if you make this decision.  In  reality,  the  reality  is  never  as  bad  as  what  you  can  make  up  in head, especially if you areof a negative disposition. For the next 24 hours, I want you to make any decisions within two seconds. Either say “Yes” or “No” and get on with taking the action.

Confidence Tip 6: There Is No Such Thing As Failure

People generally worry about what the worst is that could happen. They worry about failure and how other people will perceive them if they should happen to fail. Well  this mindset  it  quite  frankly  just  wrong  as  in  reality  there  is  no  such thing as failure.Each  and  every  thing  you  do  in  life  is  an  experience.  That  experience  either goes as you planned or you goes completely different. Now if it goes to plan, that  is  awesome  as  you  made  a  great  decision,  took  action  and  made  it happen.  If  you  take  action  and  something  completely  different  happens,  well this is great as you just had a learning experience that has taught you want to do  next  time  you  are  in  the  same  situation. You  would  not  have  learnt anything unless you made the decision and took action something  in  your  past  that  you  currently  perceive  as  a  failure  and  ask yourself what you learned from that experience. What would you do differently if that situation was to occur again?

Confidence Tip 7: Develop Your Super Powers

With todays technology, it has never be easier to keep up with your favorites celebrities and seeing what they are up to. The visibility of what is out there in the  world  has  never  been  clearer  and  there  are  some  many  examples  of people achieving their dreams.The great news is you can learn from other people and how they succeed. If there is someone you really admire, ask yourself what would that person do if they were in your situation. What traits would they display that you could take on to help youto give you additional super powers?


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