The End Of The Month In Sales

Month end in sales. The day of champions. The day heroes are made and chumps fail on the sales floor all in the knowing everyone is back to zero the following day to start the whole cycle of working in sales again.

Some months can be really tough. If can leave you deflated even when you have done well so it’s important to step back and reflect on the months results. Understand what went really well and who do you need to congratulate in the sales team. What didn’t go so well that can be improved on the next month be it an improved pitch or more in depth coaching with low performing sales reps.

Me personally, I’m too tough on myself in these situations as am always looking to do better. I know I need to step back and enjoy success more but that’s just me being so driven to success and constantly improving the results. Saying that, it’s an attitude that has served me well over the last two decades as well as hundreds of sales professional that worked under me at some point.

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