The Power Of A Double Bind To Close A Deal

Double binds changed my life. I started to get more not only in the my professional sales career but also in my personal life. Let me take you back to 2005 when I used to commute from Oxford to Leicester everyday, car sharing with my good buddy Pierre.

Pierre had a 5 year old daughter at the time who used to kick up a fuss every night before going to bed about brushing her teeth. Driving home one night we were discussing closing deals and the concept of choice came up. We formulated a tactic, I dropped Pierre off at home and eagerly awaiting the results the next day.

That evening just before Pierre sent his daughter up to bed he offered her a choice, “Franny, do you want to brush your teeth before or after I read you a story?”. Franny replied with the cocky confidence of a five year old “Don’t be silly Daddy, I will brush them before you read me a story as why would I go to bed to get up again after the story?”

Pierre agreed with Franny he was silly and she strode off to brush her teeth quite happily for the first time in months. Franny felt good about her decision. Pierre got the result he wanted. Franny made a choice from two options where Pierre got what he wanted either way.

Double binds rock init! Want more sales like this then check out my Secret Sales Sniper course.


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