Thou Shall Not Send A Quote Without Putting A Deadline On It

Urgency is a powerful weapon of influence. It needs to be promoted at all times during a sales cycle leaving nothing to chance. Yet there is one simple thing that winds me up chronically when I see a sales rep send a quote without putting a deadline on it.

If there is no deadline, then guess what? Nothing will happen. It’s not a quote, its just more information that will be ignored. Everything you do in sales needs to be time sensitive i.e if you don’t take action by this date then the offer disappears.

I am amazed how little this is actually done in Inside Sales teams. I am still shocked whenever I work with a new team that it happens. The good news it’s a simple fix and a very powerful one that will see close rates increase, time to close deals shrinks and more revenue banked by businesses. And that’s what they all want right?

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