Using Pattern Interrupts When Selling Over The Phone

Think about how many sales calls your prospect gets each day. It’s a lot if you don’t know.

Now image you are the fifth person in last 2 hours to ring them saying “hey buy my shit?”. Shields are going to be up, they don’t want to be sold to on a cold call by a stranger. The call ain’t going to last very long and you will feel bitter and angry afterwards for being treated so rudely. So you needs to think about how you will interrupt the pattern and be different from the previous four callers. This can be remarkable simple.

For example, instead of saying “how are you?” like everyone else would have said ask “hey Bob, how is your Tuesday going?” It’s a different question, you are asking their brain to register what Tuesday is and then an answer to how Tuesday is going.

Be different, change their canned response to sales calls. You will surprised how quickly the prospect warms to you as a quality sales person and not an average sales chump like those calls before you.

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