Why You Must Collect The Yes Throughout The Sales Pitch

Commitment is a massive concept when it comes to selling. Not only do you as a sales professional need to be fully behind the company and product you are selling, as well as fully behind yourself in what you are selling, you need to also understand human nature and why building commitment is a power weapon of influence.

You must be aiming to get a prospect to be agreeing with you throughout a pitch. This means engaging with them personally instead of just steam rollering through what you have to offer. The days of show up and throw up are long gone. Today’s modern seller must be asking questions to engage with the prospect and get positive responses in each area being discussed.

The more a human agrees with something and commitment, the stronger they will be to remain congruent to this decision the more the conversation goes on. So if the prospect hates you, they will only hate you more as you continuing to talk. If you can be the answer to all their problems, demonstrate you understand their pain and headaches AND you are showing solutions to these problems, the more they will like you and the more in agreement they will be to close a deal with you.

If at the end of a pitch you can say “So Mr Prospect you told me you want X, Y and Z which I can do with A,B, and C. You ready to proceed?” If you are speaking their language, they have constantly said yes to you throughout your pitch and you have summed it all up to exactly what they want, you will get the deal.

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