Your life is NOT about a lack of confidence, low self-esteem or having anxiety that put your stress levels through the roof

You are about to learn how to take control of your life

I am about to share with you a single mindset that will change your life forever.

In fact, it is the lack of knowledge of this single mindset that is costing you all the fun and excitement that is available to you in your life.

The big secret to life is to get of your bum and take action.

Stop spending time being a human “being” and turn yourself into a human “doing”!

And the concept to doing this is simple. It is all to do with your “frame of mind”. It is a mindset that impacts every decision and action you take.

From this blog post there is one thing I insist you must start doing immediately and that is as follows…

You must take responsibility for 100% of your life.

This means no more blaming anyone else for your current life.

This means no more relying on other people for answers and decisions.

You have to admit to yourself right now that you are to blame for everything that has happened in your life today and that you are prepared to make the decisions to change it.

By accepting responsibility you have taken control of your life already.

It is now just a case of taking action to then get what you want. I am going to share the top three ways with you right now. Go try them

The First Step To Taking Control Of Your Life

One of the problems you face as you go through the daily routine is that you are constantly shown that there are people who are better than us. In sport, in business, music, engineering and the whole range of human pursuits I can guarantee that there will always be the elite group who are simply the best.

Behind their excellence are several myths, and shining a light on these can give you a different truth to live by. One of these is the myth of instant excellence.

Malcolm Gladwell has suggested that mastery of a subject can be achieved with around ten thousand hours of practice.

World class sportsmen, musicians, bear this out. Footballers are on the pitch for 90 minutes, but they spend the rest of their week training, kicking hundreds of balls into the back of the net, so that when they get the chance during the game, they just do it.

If you had to tell a story about a footballer, would you focus on the training or on the goals they score?

To watch someone doing something for ten thousand hours would be pretty dull, and doesn’t make for good telly. If you edit ten thousand hours into a twenty second slot of kicking balls, you can then get onto the good stuff, the goals and the fancy game play.

The lesson is lost, and a new learning takes place. They are great because they are gifted, they have ‘talent’.

If you want to get good at something, give yourself a break. You won’t be world class after trying it for ten minutes, nor should you expect to be, but you will be better than you were ten minutes ago. If you continue to practice, you will get better every time.

Choose a skill that you would like to get better at.

If this is the first time you are doing this exercise, choose something relatively quick and simple, like writing your name with your non-dominant hand, or

drawing a certain object, or learning to count to twenty in a foreign language, or saying “hello” to a stranger.

Nothing dramatic like brain surgery!

On a plain piece of paper, write the task out and make a note of how good you are at the task, on a scale of one to one hundred, where one is absolutely unable to perform the task, and one hundred is when you can perform the task in your sleep.

Write out the numbers from one to one hundred on separate lines (using more paper if you have to) and then do your first attempt.

Once complete, make any notes of your experience next to number one.

Are you better?

Probably not noticeably, but just note your score.

Fill in the list every time you do the next attempt, and be curious as to how many times it takes before you notice an improvement in your technique.

The aim of this experiment is not to get 100% perfect, it is notice the rate at which you improve and also to notice your emotions as you go through the experiment.

The Second Step To Taking Control Of Your Life”

Think of a fizzy drink….what is it?

How about a fast food restaurant?

Who is the most beautiful supermodel?

Because the secret behind the secret is not just that ‘you get more of what you focus on’; you also get more of how you are focused.

Because if you focus on the good life, with the big house and the fancy car and the model family and you are doing it with tight lipped determination, bordering on desperation, you will get more of all of it.

All of it, the success and the tight lipped desperation.

But if you focus on a life that inspires you, and turns on those parts of your brain that go wow!; then you will get more of all of it. All of it, the success and the inspiration. Sounds better, I hope you’ll agree.

If your goal is build your self-esteem and you are desperate to do it, you will end up with desperate self-esteem.

Choose, therefore to build your self esteem and have fun at the same time, because the payoff is that you get more of both.

The Third Step To Taking Control Of Your Life”

For the couple of days, keep a journal of all the stuff you do that is fun.

Every evening, just before you go to sleep, review the day and notice where and when you had the most fun.

Then think about the following day, and get curious as to where and when you will have the most fun.

How much fun can you have in one hour?

One day?

One life time?

The answer is up to you, and you might even start having fun finding out!

In Summary!

Remember this is not passive learning information, actually go and do the experiments to see the difference each one makes to your life! I totally get that the thought of just getting up and doing these experiments can be daunting and I don’t want you to just read this blog post then not do anything with it.

Your life is NOT about a lack of confidence, low self-esteem or having anxiety that put your stress levels through the roof.

Have you reached that point?

You know where you just feel enough is enough.

You just now you are going to snap at someone to let all the frustration out.

You just want to take control of your life but people constantly knock you down and walk all over you.  You cannot make a decision as you become overwhelmed with fear at the thought of actually have to take some action…

…if this sounds familiar to you then I want to show you more some cool techniques, the very same ones I used, that turned me from being shy and as timid a mouse into someone who can step up and speak out whenever I chose to.

Leave a comment below on what you would like help with!

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